"Love Alone"
Debut self-titled album's (PETROL001) first single and video.

"Made Out Of Ocean"
First Background Noise Suppression single, released in RDR006 CD compilation "Little People... Big Noise!!" in 2007. Video footage from Coca Cola Soundwave live performance.

Live performance of single "Nothing" on ANT1 TV in April 2009.

"Behind The Wheel (Depeche Mode cover)"
Cover of "Behind The Wheel" for a Depeche Mode tribute album release that never did happen. Video footage taken from short-film "La Tangente" by Vincent Vesco (by kind permission).

Vinyl side B opening track.

"Another Lovesong (Of Desperation)"
Opening track off "Background Noise Suppression" LP.

"Made Out Of Ocean (Unplugged)"
Live unplugged performance of "Made Out Of Ocean" on 95.8FM radio.

"Resistance (The Sound cover)"
Live cover of "Resistance" by The Sound at the Coca Cola Soundwave gig.

Coca Cola Soundwave BNS interview
ET3 TV show "Oxygono" covering Coca Cola Soundwave live event (2007). Featuring Background Noise Suppression among other local bands, performing live and interviewed.

"Get Stone" (demo)
Demo home studio recording (2007) for "Get Stone".

"Bright" (live)
"Bright" performed live at Eightball live stage.

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